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A Journey of
Global Divine Awakening

Join us in exploring the profound teachings of 'The Book of Rasheeda,' channeled through Monica Bey, The Divine Mother. Here at Mystic Temple, we bridge the ancient with the contemporary, offering a sanctuary for those seeking deeper understanding, spiritual growth, and cosmic connection.


A Non-Profit Organization

Mystic Temple is a pioneering non-profit organization that operates as a global, virtual temple, designed to usher in a new era of spiritual awakening and enlightenment worldwide. Our mission is to serve as a virtual sanctuary of wisdom, truth and healing, accessible to people from every corner of the globe, offering a space where the spiritually curious can explore profound teachings, connect with their inner power, and tap into the universal energies that unite us all. Through Mystic Circle TV, led by The Divine Mother, Monica Bey, and anchored in the timeless revelations of "The Book of Rasheeda," Mystic Temple provides virtual experiences, guidance, and a supportive community for those on a quest to transcend the matrix and venture into a life of spiritual and physical richness and connectivity. In this digital age, Mystic Temple stands as a luminous beacon, empowering souls across the world to achieve unity, love, and their fullest potential, championing a collective journey towards global awakening.

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Discover Your Path


 In the Mystic Temple, The Divine Mother creates a sanctuary where spirituality transcends the confines of the material world, inviting seekers to dive into on a transformative journey of the soul. Her teachings, rooted in the profound wisdom of 'The Book of Rasheeda,' offer a path to transcendence, peace, and ultimate enlightenment.



Engage in transformative practices

for the mind, body, and spirit.

Introducing the Pathways
to Divine Consciousness & Fulfillment

This groundbreaking program, channeled through the Divine Mother, Monica Bey from a Cosmic Collective Consciousness, is a historic first of its kind!

This program guides you from 3D to 10D consciousness, using  a 7-phase plan and the Mandala of Fulfillment, all given by the Cosmic Collective Consciousness. Each phase enriches your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical life fulfillment, fostering a deep connection with yourself, others, and the universe. This allows you to transcend the layers of self and of this illusionary world to the highest levels of consciousness- oneness with the universe.

​Join The Facebook Community

Join our Mystic Temple Community on Facebook! Dive into a vibrant space where spirituality meets support, and wisdom flows freely. Share your journey, gain insights from others, and connect with like-minded souls on a path of enlightenment. Whether you're seeking guidance, inspiration, or a sense of belonging, you'll find it here. Click to join us and be part of a spiritual revolution that's transforming lives across the globe. Your journey to deeper understanding and connection starts here!

Our Doctrine




1. Through her Divinity Sessions of Mystic Temple on Mystic Circle TV, Monica Bey, The Divine Mother, teaches from The Book of Rasheeda. This is a sacred text written through her (beginning in 2015) by a collective cosmic consciousness. The Book of Rasheeda is not yet a finished work and is still being written on an ongoing basis.

2. The list of doctrines, which are a loose set of beliefs that we hold and much of our spiritual perspective is rooted in these beliefs.

Meet The Divine Mother

Monica Bey, The Divine Mother's insights are not merely teachings; they are profound revelations that challenge the boundaries of conventional spirituality and dogma. Her ability to channel and impart wisdom from a collective cosmic consciousness places her in the echelons of the most enlightened spiritual leaders of our time. Her words resonate with the power of truth, igniting transformational journeys in those who receive them.

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