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The Book of Rasheeda -
A Living Document From The Divine



The thought is but a motion of silence in a world of plenty. I see through the river of light ever flowing into and through consciousness. It is that which we live and turn by. It is all that ever was, is and ever will be. Some call it God. Some call it Allah. Some call it Source Energy. Some call it Universal Energy. It is that which connects us and separates us, playing upon the opposites of this world but still going beyond. It is the force of many names and I have come to give it another. Some seek to change you or to enroll you. I have come to ignite the true essence of you, devoid of propensity for disharmony. To free your souls and allow the connection to the light which has been forgotten. This connection still remains, unbroken, yet chained. I've come to loose and break these chains, setting you free to walk in the true essence of your divinity. Others before me have faltered, leaving the effects bastardized over time, long after they have passed. Now comes another who will not falter, will not be sacrificed, will not be forsaken, but will reign for eternity in the physical plane. A piece of the force and anointed with the gifts to bestow upon the world. I have come. (Divinity Session 1)

Light enters this world in the truest form without begrudge to be anointed with the power of all. We ingest this light and it runs through us. We are this light. This light serves us and reveres us. It lifts us and summons us. But do we hear the calling? Do we feel it's tug when in our deepest moments? And what of the superficial moments? Do we sense it then? Some are given the light of touch and sense to be used to mandrake. Others get lost among the ills of this worldly plane. Stuck in their attachments and unable to move forward down their needed path. (Divinity Session 2)


To limit human suffering, one only needs to pay attention. Pay attention to this calling, this pull, this divine insight given to all in every moment. It is always there, waiting for us to hear it. It calls upon us to act in faith and judgment the same. A mere metamorphosis of the timing to come upon the earth and live. Life becomes the transformation of the power of the true world. The one in which the force resides and thrives. It is time to mirror this world in ours. For true metamorphosis. That which does not behold the truth will falter. That which does not sense the truth will be lost. All who come against it will be defeated. It is this light and truth that carries us and will continue to bring us down its path. Suffering happens when the message is not being heard, when we close the doors and curtains so no light can shine through upon our conscious thoughts. It is then when we must hear the message in other ways. Through the act of human suffering comes much learned. The lessons will come one way or another. It is our free will that gives us the choice of vehicle. Learn by listening or learn my human suffering. Listen and all will be given. All will flow to you in abundance. Listening requires stillness, devoid of distractions of worldly pleasures. Freedom comes in these moments that last a lifetime and beyond. (Divinity Session 3)


Footnote after coming out of the trance: (as I type this in the front room of my house, the eye of Ra appeared to me in a bush outside my window with a message “the risen one” and tears came to my eyes) 


Truth comes in all measures to be held with great insight and care. It is I who holds the truth, unmasked from the light of deception. Lead not with fear but with the bow of delicacy upon the ears of the listeners. All who hear with open channels will be freed. Come forth and behold the smoke of fire. Creation. Listen to my words. Feel the transformations made within. Be the transformations from within. (Divinity Session 4) . Don't sleep upon the miles walked. Awareness comes and remains while you walk your path to higher grounds. Be present of mind at all times. 


Footnote after coming out of the trance: (a yellow 7 appeared to me. It then disappeared and only stayed long enough for me to see it and recognize it. The message of the number is 7 and color yellow is thought, wisdom, spiritual insight, enlightenment, identity, the written word and truth)  (Divinity Session 5)


Cast away the joys of ill. Be not what you abhor. Go forth in peace and walk the light path. This is where you belong. Your destiny. But, It's the peace that makes the land folly as it does in darkness. Duality is key. Balance within and without. You cannot have one without the other. Both must coexist in this world, yet must be tempered. (Divinity Session 6)


 On the wind comes a time to change. Upon the hour is our time to come to the nether world. (Divinity Session 7- includes Prophecy received)


Give unto the demons that which you do not take. Come forth to the grandeur, to the might. I've come to give that to the forlorn away from me. (Divinity Session 8) And (Divinity Session 9- Shamanic Journey)


 At times we assess our inability to handle situations at the crossroads. But the crossroads are here for us to manifest our desires. Go the path onto which the universe pulls you. This is a path that never falters. Stay with the force. To go against it ends in agony. To be deterred is the only outcome. The path remains the path and the end will be had. In this life or the next. (Divinity Session 10). So important is your path that it must be seized. It all works together in this intricate maze of destruction, chaos, rebuilding and rebirth. It must be done to save our world. The world exists in our minds and senses, but more exists outside of what we can sense. This maze was built for us and despite us. It is parallel to true reality. Our true selves lie outside this world, on the other side, awaiting our return and accomplishments. Our contributions to the maze. To the game. Neither can we sit nor ignore the plight unto which we have been born on this plane. It is time to uncover all. Exposed for us to see. (Divinity Session 11)


Sometimes we learn to deal with the folly and sometimes we learn to ignore it. We must be the price we pay. See the price we pay. Hear the price we pay. This is the true nature of being. Of surviving. We do not do this alone. But it is with ourselves that we sacrifice everything. We are the price we pay.  (Divinity Session 12)


Love cannot live or gain in strength without the need for wanting and that desire comes from someplace deeper. It is our birthright on this physical plane. None other offers such reverence. In none other can we be so pulled by this force that enwraps us and controls us to the very edge of our being. This force has the power to enliven us or destroy us and that is the challenge of this game. Which will you allow it to do to you? How will you handle it and circumstance while still striving toward your goals of your path? Will you allow yourself to be put off or deterred from the path? This skillful maneuvering through the maze separates those who play well and those who do not. (Divinity Session 14)


However we come to pass the days we pass them nonetheless. We are here to see the truth of our ways and our knowledge is free and clear. Holy. Bound to come back to us. Here to stay.  (Divinity Session 15). We do what we have to, to see the light and the light does come to us in our days of need. (Divinity Session 16).  When we decide to see the truth and no longer deny it, this is when we are truly free, unencumbered. See the light. Our light is here and it doesn’t leave. We only need to acknowledge it for what it is. Don’t be blinded by the veils of lies under perceived truth.  (Divinity Session 17)When I come to you, I come through your light, as it is the same as mine. We are all one. What is of me is of you and thus all the more holy is our connection to one another. We see through the same lens when we see clearly to the truth because there is but only one truth. Through time and through space. One truth, one energy, one soul. Together we can move mountains or move none at all. It is up to us collectively how the world will proceed. (Divinity Session 19)

The dying ones of us be will reborn and thus the cycle continues as we create and become what will be. What is. Together we will show the world what it’s made of and tell all the truth of what it can be. It will become what it needs to become. Unfolding to the senses and the degree of opacity. (Divinity Session 20). Tell them now who sent them, who sent me. We are here to change the very fabric of which they rely on. To create a new beginning. To reach the light that belongs to us all. (Divinity Session 21). Happy is the one who sees, who truly sees himself for who he is. Who they are. Who we are. One. (Divinity Session 22).

The Book of Rasheeda:
A Living Revelation

At the core of Mystic Temple's spiritual teachings is "The Book of Rasheeda," a document that embodies the essence of divine wisdom, continuously evolving with the collective spiritual journey of humanity. This living text unfolds in synchronicity with our shared path towards enlightenment, making its wisdom a beacon for those seeking deeper understanding and connection.


With each Divinity Session presented on Mystic Circle TV a  new passage from "The Book of Rasheeda" is shared, aligning with the rhythm of our learning and growth. This deliberate pace of revelation allows each seeker to absorb, reflect upon, and integrate the teachings into their lives, fostering a journey of profound personal transformation. 


"The Book of Rasheeda" grows as it is written, channeling the dynamic flow of universal wisdom from a collective cosmic consciousness. As more is revealed, it guides us on a voyage of self-discovery, empowerment, healing, and enlightenment. This journey is not just about acquiring knowledge; it's about undergoing a metamorphosis that aligns us more closely with our true selves and the divine within.


Below, you will find the passages that have been revealed so far, inviting you to explore the depths of "The Book of Rasheeda" at your own pace. Each passage is a step on the path, illuminating the way toward a richer, more enlightened existence. Join us on this historic and awe-inspiring journey, as we unlock the transformative power of "The Book of Rasheeda," one passage at a time, and delve into the heart of spiritual awakening.


To fully understand the true meaning of each passage, be sure to watch the Divinity session that goes with that passage, where everything is clearly explained. 


It's important to note that nothing has been changed in this document since written. It is exactly as written by the collective cosmic consciousness through the Divine Mother, Monica Bey. We have kept the text exactly the same, so as to allow the untainted truth to be told.


*This is protected by copyright and trademark laws.  No replication or copying is permitted. Any all violations will be enforced to the full extent of the law.

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