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A Revolution Together

Imagine a world where every soul awakens to their divine power, where communities are transformed by light and unity. This is the vision of the Global Awakening Initiative, and we invite you to play a pivotal role in this profound transformation.


As a non-profit organization, Mystic Temple is dedicated to igniting the spark of enlightenment across the globe through our unique platforms—Mystic Circle TV, MetaSoul® Music, and our Global Street Teams led by divinely chosen Light Guardians. However, this vision is too vast, too important to be carried forward by us alone. We need your help to expand this wave of transformation.


Your support has the power to extend the reach of transformative teachings and divine messages, bringing them into communities that thirst for spiritual renewal and connection. Each donation fuels our efforts to produce content that not only informs but profoundly transforms, offering an antidote to the negativity and disconnection rampant in today’s media landscapes.


By joining us with your financial support, you become more than a donor—you become a partner in a global movement. You help us offer these platforms for free, ensuring that financial barriers do not hinder anyone’s spiritual journey. Your contribution aids in the mobilization of our street teams, empowering them to bring light to new communities, touching souls and awakening hearts.


This revolution of spirit and mind cannot be done alone. It requires the collective intention and support of all who believe in the transformative power of awakening. Together, we can sow seeds of enlightenment and foster a global community united in purpose and spirit.


Please consider making a donation today. Stand with us as we reclaim the narrative and awaken the world, one soul at a time. Your support is not just a donation—it’s an affirmation of the power within us all to effect profound and lasting change.


Thank you for considering this call to action. Together, let’s light up the world.

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