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The Global Awakening Initiative

Revolutionary Impact Through
Media & Street Teams

Mystic Temple introduces the Global Awakening Initiative—a visionary movement aimed at profoundly transforming global consciousness and igniting the spark of enlightenment within souls around the world. This transformative journey unfolds in two dynamic phases, each designed to deepen our impact and extend our reach.

Get Involved and Help Us Spread the Light

Phase 1: Reclaiming Media for Spiritual Awakening

Why Start with Media?

In today’s world, media wields significant power, shaping minds and hearts. Unfortunately, much of the current media landscape promotes narratives that disconnect us from our true selves and one another. Mystic Circle TV and MetaSoul® Music are our first beacons of change in this battle for our souls and minds. By creating uplifting, inspiring, and healing content, we aim to counteract negativity and disconnection, using media not merely to inform but to transform—reminding us of our shared humanity, innate divinity, and the power of collective intention.

Mystic Circle TV:

A free, non-profit, global TV network in 62 countries, under Mystic Temple, Inc. This serves as a portal to transformative teachings, enlightening stories, and documentaries. This platform merges ancient wisdom with modern insights, making spiritual exploration vibrantly accessible worldwide. 

MetaSoul® Music

Also under Mystic Temple, Inc., this is free music platform for all. Music here transcends mere entertainment, becoming a vessel for healing, connection, and spiritual exploration. Our harmonies aim to touch the deepest parts of our being, providing a soundtrack for the awakening journey, designed to uplift the spirit and unite hearts globally 

Phase 2: Mobilization of Global Street Teams

Expanding Beyond Media

As we establish a strong media foundation, we activate Phase 2: Global Street Teams. These teams, starting in Detroit, Michigan, Virginia, Tulum, Mexico and Tulsa, Oklahoma, (and will expand globally from there) serve as the tangible extensions of our media influence, bringing the transformative messages of The Book of Rasheeda and the Global Awakening Initiative directly into communities. This phase allows for direct engagement and offers everyone a chance to be part of this spiritual revolution.

Light Guardians- Divinely Chosen

Our Global Street Teams (Light Messengers), led by divinely chosen Light Guardians, are at the heart of our mission to bring light to communities worldwide. These dedicated guardians are not only messengers but also beacons of enlightenment, carrying the transformative energy and teachings of The Book of Rasheeda into the heart of communities across the globe. By engaging directly with souls on a local level, these teams facilitate a profound awakening, reminding people of the immense power that lies within them. This grassroots approach ensures the spark of divine remembrance is ignited in diverse regions, helping souls reconnect with their inner strength and spiritual sovereignty, thus catalyzing a global shift in consciousness and empowering communities to rise together in unity and purpose..

Light Messengers

The Light Messengers form the dynamic street team of Mystic Temple's Global Awakening Initiative, working under the wise guidance of the Light Guardians. These dedicated souls are on the front lines, actively spreading the transformative teachings of The Divine Mother and The Book of Rasheeda within their communities. Whether distributing informational materials, assisting with local events, or organizing community gatherings, the Light Messengers play a crucial role in fostering connections and nurturing the seeds of spiritual awakening. Their hands-on approach not only disseminates vital spiritual knowledge but also helps to build a supportive network of souls committed to personal and collective enlightenment. Moreover, through their enthusiastic engagement and visible presence, they garner support and inspire more souls to join their ranks as fellow Light Messengers. Through their tireless efforts, the Light Messengers ensure that the spirit of Mystic Temple reaches every corner, inviting souls to join in the journey toward a more conscious and unified world.

Get Involved and Help Us Spread the Light

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