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Part of our Global Awakening Initiative

MetaSoul® Music

Welcome to MetaSoul® Music, an integral component of Mystic Temple Inc.'s Global Awakening Initiative. As a non-profit music platform, we are dedicated to uplifting, inspiring, and healing through the transformative power of music. MetaSoul® Music serves as a sanctuary of sound, where each note and lyric is crafted with the intention of fostering spiritual growth, healing, and a deeper connection with the essence of the soul.


Our Mission  

Our mission is to utilize the universal language of music as a transformative tool, promoting spiritual enlightenment and personal growth. We believe in the power of music to elevate the spirit, calm the mind, and open the heart, guiding listeners towards a more profound understanding and connection with the universe.


Our Vision

Inspired by Monica Bey, Mystic Temple's founder and a leading spiritual visionary, MetaSoul® Music seeks to unite a worldwide community through the love of transcendent music. Our vision is to offer more than entertainment; we aim to provide a journey of healing and discovery through diverse playlists, albums, and sound baths that resonate with love, peace, and unity.


Our Collection 

Our platform features a wide array of musical genres and styles, from soothing meditative soundscapes and uplifting hymns to powerful instrumentals and sacred chants. Each selection is chosen for its vibrational quality, ensuring it aligns with our values of positivity, inspiration, and spiritual awakening.


Why Free? 

Aligned with the Global Awakening Initiative, MetaSoul® Music believes in making transformative music universally accessible. By offering our platform free of charge, we aim to share light and love globally, aiding individuals in their spiritual journey towards enlightenment and fulfillment.


Beta Phase Announcement 

We are excited to announce that MetaSoul® Music is currently in BETA but remains accessible to all globally. This phase allows us to refine and enhance the platform while producing and expanding our collection of uplifting music. Your feedback during this period is invaluable to us as we strive to create the ultimate sanctuary of sound for spiritual awakening.


Join Our Community 

Dive into the healing power of music with MetaSoul® Music. Whether seeking comfort, inspiration, or a deeper connection to your spiritual journey, our platform is a haven of sonic beauty. Explore our offerings, feel the vibrations, and join a global movement towards love and awakening, one song at a time.


Let's harmonize in a symphony of souls, spreading the message of unity and awakening worldwide. Welcome to MetaSoul® Music—where your soul's musical journey begins.

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